Archive of Situation Analysis Articles
  • A 2023 Market Review and 2024 Investment Outlook
    Despite 2023 surprises, uncertainty persists for 2024. Stick to long-term investing principles: patience, discipline, and focus.... more
  • 2024 Vision: Setting Clear Financial Goals for the Coming Year
    For young families, setting achievable goals involves prioritization, cost calculation, savings commitment, and tracking progress together for motivation.... more
  • Turning Stock Market Lemons into Lemonade with Tax-Loss Harvesting
    Leverage Tax-Loss Harvesting in volatile markets for immediate tax savings and enhanced long-term returns.... more
  • You Don’t Need to Be Wealthy to Take Advantage of These Charitable Giving Strategies
    Strategic charitable methods like QCDs, DAFs, and stock donations aid philanthropy while optimizing tax benefits. Consult a tax advisor for guidance.... more
  • Tax Planning: Making Strategic Moves as December Approaches
    As December approaches, it’s crucial to consider strategic tax moves. Watch out for bracket creep and explore options to reduce your adjusted gross income.... more
  • How Much Should I Have Saved for Retirement by Age 55
    Are you on track to have saved enough by age 55 for retirement? One size does not fit all! Consider the following steps to determine how much you need to save for retirement.... more
  • Investors Languish in Interest Rate Limbo as They Await Next Fed Moves
    The market continues to churn over concerns of how much further the Fed plans to go to win the battle over inflation.... more
  • The Problems with Robo-Investing
    Some investors may find robo-advisors to be a good solution for their investment needs. Know the limitations and drawbacks if you have complex financial goals or personalized financial planning needs... more
  • Inflation is Cooling but the Pain May Linger for A While
    Even mild inflation can threaten Retirees purchasing power. Conservative planning assumptions can keep retirees safe and on track. Learn why inflation that is cooling can continue to linger for some time.... more
  • What to Expect with Fed Rate Hikes
    The Federal Reserve must contend with several potentially cataclysmic events as they try to control inflation through rate hikes.... more
  • How to Pay Fewer Taxes on Retirement Account Withdrawals
    How to pay less on your retirement taxes requires a strategy. Here are some ideas for working with your tax professional to create a strategy for you.... more
  • Didn’t Prepare for Your Taxes Very Well Last Year? Here’s What to Do Now
    Take the time and effort to prepare for filing your taxes. Cut down on the time involved in completing your taxes online. Here is annual tax preparation checklist to save time, effort, and money.... more
  • How to File for Social Security Benefits
    Learn your options for claiming your Social Security benefits. There are time-saving steps you can take before calling, clicking, or driving to claim your benefits.... more
  • Biggest Changes to Social Security for 2023
    The big jump in inflation has let to several changes to Social Security in 2023 impacting retirees and those planning for retirement.... more
  • How Will Inflation Impact Your Holiday Spending?
    Your holiday budget may not go as far as it did in the past. The key is making wise choices. Here are some tips for making it possible to keep your budgets from breaking.... more
  • Medicare Costs are Coming Down (Slightly), and Other Changes for 2023
    Medicare’s open enrollment period is an excellent opportunity to look around to see if other plans might offer a better value.... more
  • You Know About “Sequence of Returns Risk,” but What about “Sequence of Inflation Risk”?
    Inflation risk can compound all other risks if it’s not confronted in your planning. Learn what it is and how you can plan to control it within your portfolio.... more
  • What to do Now to Guard Against Rising Inflation
    You can’t hide from inflation but, there are ways you can fortify your finances to mitigate its effects and even get ahead of it. Here are some ideas.... more
  • I Just Retired. How do I Weather the Market Downturn?
    Don’t make the mistake of emotionally charged decisions when a downturn happens. The planning triad can help you fortify your retirement plan. Learn what it is!... more
  • How to Make Lemonade out of Lemons in a Down Market
    Although investors are experiencing downturns in the stock market, there are ways to take advantage of opportunities to boost your investment performance.... more
  • How to Inflation-Proof Your Investments
    Record Inflation could last for many months into the new year or longer. Here are some tips for mitigating the impact of inflation.... more
  • Why Inflation and Rising Interest Rates are a Problem for 60/40 Portfolios
    As inflation spikes and the Fed signals a shift in rate policy, is it time to end the 60/40 asset allocation mix in favor of a rule adjustment?... more
  • In a Tumultuous Market Investors Need to Focus on What They Can Control
    Emotional involvement with your investments often leads to costly behavioral investing mistakes. You can’t control the market but here are some ideas on what you can do.... more
  • Tax Planning for 2022—What to Expect
    For 2022 tax planning there are several provisions from previous legislations either expiring or in the process of phasing out. There are some lesser-known provisions that could impact 2022 taxes.... more
  • How Should You Prepare for the Next Market Downturn?
    Have a sound, long-term plan for investing. Don’t let emotions drive your investing decisions.... more
  • Steps to Take Now to Guard Against Inflation
    Inflation is here and you can’t control it. However, you can take steps to protect your savings portfolio against its effects!... more
  • Why It’s Important to Check Your Medicare Plans During Open Enrollment
    Medicare Open Enrollment is upon us and now is the time to check to see if there are changes in your present plan.... more
  • You Don’t Need to Wait to Give it Away
    Proposed changes to estate taxes may change the traditional ways of inheritance. Here are some ideas for having a greater control should this happen.... more
  • You Can Still Override the 5-Year Rule on inherited 401k Accounts, But You Need to Act Now
    The CARES Act extended the time period from 5 – 6 years to empty out an inherited retirement account. But time is running out. Learn what you need to do.... more
  • What is Inflation?
    Since the 1980’s few people have experienced high inflation. Because of this many people do not know what it is and how it can affect us. Here is a brief introduction to inflation.... more
  • What Retirement Savers Can Expect from the Secure Act 2.0
    When passed into law, the Secure Act 2.0 will significantly impact how we plan for retirement. Here is what you need to know about the Secure Act 2.0... more
  • Will Biden’s Tax Hikes Sink the Stock Market? Not Likely
    As promised, President Biden is proposing tax hikes pretty much across the board—on corporations, wealthy individuals, and capital gains.... more
  • Why You Should Think Twice Before Refinancing Your Student Loan
    they provide business owners with a rare opportunity to convert significant tax savings into capital investment in their business.... more
  • Is Now the Time to Refinance Your Mortgage?
    Refinancing a mortgage is a significant financial event with long-lasting consequences. Do your homework before rushing in. Here are some ideas for refinancing.... more
  • Family Finances Goal Setting for 2021
    Thinking through and setting realistic plans to achieve goals is challenging. Learn this process for setting realistic goals and creating a plan for achieving them.... more
  • It is Time to Rebalance Your 401(k) Plan
    Do you rebalance your 401K portfolio every 12-18 months or following a significant market move?  You should and here’s why!... more
  • Are Health Savings Accounts the Ultimate Health Care Insurance Plan?
    Health Savings Accounts may be the best kept secret as a tax savings and medical expense reduction tool. Here is a brief primer on what it is and how it may work for you.... more
  • Ever Thought About Living Off the Grid? Here's What You'll Need
    There is no small number of people who have created a self sustainable lifestyle. If you are thinking about this, here is what you will need.... more
  • Deferred Payroll Tax: What You Should Know
    President Trump signed an executive order and several memorandums addressing the expiration of the $600 unemployment benefit plus-up, eviction moratorium, and payroll tax deferral.... more
  • New (and Important) Updates to the PPP Loan Forgiveness Program
    Important information on the PPP Loan Forgiveness Program.... more
  • Spring Cleaning Your Finances
    During these troubling times, it is a good time to take a look and make a change when it comes to your finances.... more
  • Elections and the Stock Market - What You Should Know
    Investors often look for a causal relationship between presidential election results and stock market performance - but does one really exist?... more
  • Getting Your Business Ready for the Coronavirus Effect
    Advice for your small business with dealing with the coronavirus outbreak.... more
  • What Business Owners Should Know about the Secure Act
    The SECURE Act makes it easier for business owners to offer retirement plans. Here are some key features of what this could mean for your business.... more
  • Discovering the Magic of a Backdoor Roth Conversion
    The main difference between the two types of IRAs is how and when your money is taxed. Here are several features that make the Roth IRA a better choice for those who qualify.... more
  • How Small Businesses are Coping with the Impact of Tariffs
    Find out how small businesses are coping with tariffs.... more
  • For Broader Diversification, Consider Global Stocks
    Investing in the stock market it is important to diversify across different asset classes and into a broad cross-section of market sectors.... more
  • Interest Rates Are Falling — What It Means for Small Businesses
    Understand what falling interest rates mean for your business.... more
  • Why Chasing a Benchmark Index Can Hurt Investment Performance
    Focus on your own personal reasons for investing and don't focus on benchmark returns as they have nothing to do with your own personal investment goals.... more
  • To Increase Client and Prospect Engagement, Businesses Need a Blog
    Blogs are an important traffic generator for you website. Here are some tips on setting up a successful blog.... more
  • Student Loan Forgiveness for Teachers
    Information about different loan forgiveness programs for educators.... more
  • How to Prevent a Phishing Attack from Crippling Your Business
    Tips on protecting your business against Phishing attacks.... more
  • For Your Midyear Business Review Don't Forget a Personal Financial Checkup
    Make time to focus on your own personal financial situation even if your business is consuming a majority of your time.... more
  • For the Best Long-Term Investment Results, Turn off the Media Noise
    Getting headlines and information out about investors can actually do more harm than good. Information is key however, too much information can become overwhelming and mess up your investment strategy.... more
  • Before You Hire...5 Things You Need to Know about Employee Law
    As your business continues to grow, you typically need to start hiring more employees. When doing so, there are things you need to know and understand about employment law.... more
  • Home Improvement Scams and How to Avoid Them
    Tips on how to avoid scams when renovating your home.... more
  • What the Fed Rate Hikes Mean for Small Businesses
    With the Federal Reserve rates hiking up seven times in the last two years, you may ask what to do as a business owner. With proper planning and strategic moves, you can use this to your advantage.... more
  • Most Business Owners Don't Fully Understand the New Pass-Through Deduction
    With the new 20% pass-through deduction, there is a lot of confusion on who with qualify. A lot of factors come into play, like income, capital gains or losses, and a whole lot of other things. Getting educated and speaking with professional tax help is crucial.... more
  • In a Tumultuous Market Investors Need to Focus on What They Can Control
    Don't sweat the small stuff. Keep your investment focus on your long term goal. Not the 'here and now'.... more
  • Strategies for Capital Preservation in Turbulent Times
    When properly designed and implemented, your capital preservation strategy removes the guess work involved in navigating turbulent times.... more
  • Starting to Invest
    If you want to invest on your own consider these issues.... more
  • Easy Ways to Save
    Consider an automatic saving plan to help you save.... more
  • Monitoring Your Investment and Financial Progress
    Information on better measuring your financial situation.... more
  • First Job Change
    Things to consider before changing a job.... more
  • Considering Starting a Business
    Things to consider if you want to start a business.... more
  • Borrowing Strategy
    Strategy for using debt.... more
  • Retirement Planning
    Here are some tips on planning for retirement starting now.... more
  • When Should I Start Taking Social Security
    Understanding more about retirement benefits from Social Security.... more
  • Understanding Tax Brackets
    Read this article to have an understanding of the difference between your effective tax rate and your marginal tax bracket.... more
  • Household Spending Analysis
    Help in creating a household budget.... more
  • Safe Deposit Box
    If you are seeking a safe deposit box, here are what to and not to keep in it.... more
  • Life Insurance
    Help in considering how much life insurance you need.... more
  • Umbrella Liability Insurance
    Consider having an umbrella policy if you want more protection against claims.... more
  • Retirement Planning
    Here are some tips on planning for retirement starting now.... more
  • Low Interest Rate on Savings
    Even interest rates are low in a typical savings account it doesn't mean that you shouldn't save. Continue saving.... more
  • Financial Record Storage
    This article provides tips on when certain documents are not necessary to keep anymore.... more
  • Compound Interest
    The rule of 72 is an easy way to help you understand compound interest.... more
  • Tax Bracket
    Read this article to have an understanding of the difference between your effective tax rate and your marginal tax bracket.... more
  • Choosing Insurance Deductibles
    Understanding deductibles for home and auto insurance.... more
  • Can IRA Contributions Really Add Up?
    Putting the max per year in your personal IRA can make a lot of difference in the long run.... more
  • Building an Emergency Fund
    It is important to build an emergency. Here are some tips that point you in the right direction.... more
  • Teaching Children About Money
    Here are a few ideas that may help start your child on the road to being financially responsible.... more
  • Estate Planning with a New Baby
    Here are some of those issues ranked in priority for a young couple with a new child.... more
  • Choosing a 401(k) Contribution Level
    Important things to consider starting 401(k)... more
  • Getting Started with a Solid Financial Foundation
    Here are some ideas that will help you cover the basics and put you on the road to a secure financial future.... more
  • When Should I Start Taking Social Security
    Understanding more about retirement benefits from Social Security.... more
  • Keeping Your Financial Life Simple
    Keeping your financial life simple can save time and reduce stress. Here are ten ideas you may want to consider.... more