Archive of Rich Best - Weekly Financial Tip
  • What are you Going to do in Retirement?
    Retirement is your first opportunity to trade your work for something you want to do that will positively impact your health and well-being. Here are some things to consider.... more
  • Using Life Insurance for Tax Diversification of Your Retirement Income
    Some financial advisors oppose using life insurance as an investment but, it is hard to ignore the remarkable tax properties of cash-value life insurance. Learn how it may help your financial plan.... more
  • The Secret to Credit Cards: Diligence
    Managing your credit cards doesn’t have to be a full-time job. Here are some tips to know what to look for. Don’t lose sight of why and how much you are using them.... more
  • Making the Most of Your Incentive Stock Options While Avoiding the Traps
    If you receive stock options from your employer, here are some guidelines to better understand them and how they work.... more
  • Social Security Planning: There’s Much More to it Than You Think
    Don’t wait until you are ready to retire to determine your Social Security benefit options. With hundreds of thousands of dollars at stake, a planning delay can prove very costly.... more
  • Five Money Myths Our Children Learn from Parents
    Teaching children the value of money can be difficult. Here are money myths you should avoid.... more
  • 5 Essential Planning Tips for Retirees
    Review your retirement investments at least annually and use these planning tips to help you.... more
  • You Don’t Need to Be Wealthy to Take Advantage of These Charitable Giving Strategies
    A good charitable giving strategy can help you with your philanthropic desires to maximize your capacity to give by targeting specific tax breaks offered through the tax code.... more
  • Your Retirement Readiness Checklist
    Determine your retirement readiness. Consult with a professional and do a little self – diagnosis. Here is a checklist to help you get started.... more
  • Where to Invest After Maxing Out Your 401k Contribution
    Learn what options are available to you if you max out your 401K contribution and want to invest more towards your retirement. Here are some ideas.... more
  • Factors that Affect the Car Loan Approval Process
    Before you apply for a car loan, do everything possible to get your financial house in order. Understand the key factors lenders consider when approving a loan.... more
  • Start Saving for the Holidays Now
    Although it is summer, now is the time to plan on how you will pay for your holiday gift giving. Here are some tips to help you save for the holidays.... more
  • Should You Pay for Everything with Your Credit Card?
    Don’t cast your credit cards out of your wallet. Here are 10 reasons why you should use your credit cards to improve your financial situation.... more
  • Optimizing Medicare Benefits: It’s Complicated
    Plan for your fair share of Medicate benefits by starting the process five years before your enrollment date. The better your plan the more you can save.... more
  • Most College Graduates Can’t Afford the "True Cost" of Student Loans
    Student Loans is a much discussed topic with no easy answers for how to fix the issue. However, the implications are life long.... more
  • How Old Debt Can Come Back to Haunt You
    Old debt may not be a legal obligation after a certain period of time. Before agreeing to anything with a collection agency, know your rights.... more
  • Have You Shared Your Estate Plan with Your Children?
    It may be difficult to talk to your family about your death but leaving them in the dark about your estate plan is not a good idea.  Here is some advice on what to do.... more
  • First-Time Homebuyer Assistance Programs
    Put the dream of owning a home within your reach!  Check out these government assisted first – time homebuyer programs.... more
  • How to Maximize Your Social Security Benefits
    Understand your benefit options and steps you can take to ensure you receive the maximum Social Security benefits. Knowing this can possibly add thousands of dollars to your lifetime benefits.... more
  • Fighting Back RMDs with Qualified Charitable Distributions (QCDs)
    Don’t really need your Required Minimum Distribution? You may want to consider a charitable option that is a win-win.... more
  • Where’s Your Money Going? Tips for Keeping Track of Your Expenses
    Gain control of your money and know where it is going. Whether you are technologically inclined or do your budget with paper and pen, these tips will help you.... more
  • Why You Might Consider a 10-Year Mortgage
    Living in a mortgage-free home is a great feeling! This is just one of the benefits of a 10 year mortgage. Borrowers of all ages are taking advantage of the long-term cost savings.... more
  • Is Life Insurance a Smart Investment After You Retire?
    There are strong opinions about Life Insurance as an investment after retirement. Learn some ideas for creating your strategy and whether it is right for you.... more
  • Why You Need an Investment Coach
    Investing isn’t rocket science, but it requires a strategy, discipline and patience to manage it. Your investment advisor should be your coach.... more