Archive of Rich Best - Weekly Financial Tip
  • How to Maximize Your Social Security Benefits
    Receive the maximum Social Security benefits you can by taking these important steps.... more
  • How Does My Credit Score Affect the Amount of My Car Payment?
    Improve your credit score before taking out a loan. A higher credit score will save you on interest costs.... more
  • Instead of Worrying About Market Risk, Focus on What You Can Control
    You cannot control what the stock market will do. Don’t get hurt by trying to move in and out of the market. Here are some tips for focusing on what you can control.... more
  • What’s the Best Way to Help My Grandkids with Their College Education?
    Helping your grandchild with college expenses is a great way to experience the fruits of your legacy. Here are ideas for providing that financial aid.... more
  • How to Save a Million Dollars
    Do you dream of saving a million dollars? Create the discipline and motivation to change your spending and saving behavior. These actions and time are what you need!... more
  • Conquering Financial Fears
    Don’t let fear rob you of your financial dreams. Follow these 3 steps to put you back in control.... more
  • How to Spot the Signs That You Might Be Living Beyond Your Means on Your Credit Card
    Do you know the signs of when you are in over your head with credit card debt? Learn the signs and take these steps to get you back on track.... more
  • What Should I Be Doing Now if I Want to Buy a Home in Six Months?
    Don’t wait until you are shopping for homes to have all your financials in order. Here is what you should be doing now!... more
  • What Recent Grads Need to Know About Finances
    Some healthy financial advice to grads from those that have been there.... more
  • What Factors Affect the Car Loan Approval Process?
    Understand the key factors lenders consider in approving a loan. Getting your financial house in order can lead to the most favorable terms.... more
  • Critical Sacrifices that can Make or Break a Family Budget
    Developing good money habits can help you reach your financial goals. Having and keeping within a family budget is a good money habit.... more
  • How to Get Fit on a Budget. Are You Paying for Motivation?
    Your fitness is important to your fiscal health as it will help you reduce your medical costs down the road. You don’t need to break the bank to achieve it!... more
  • The Financial Impact of Being a Single Parent
    Having a spending plan aligned with your goals replaces the financial stress. Here are some tips on how to manage your finances as a single parent.... more
  • How to Build a Stock Portfolio
    Knowing how to minimize losses during market declines is the key for building your wealth. Not seeking big gains.... more
  • It’s Time for Homeowners Insurance Check-up
    ... more
  • Five Steps to Building an Emergency Fund
    Creating an emergency fund is an important part of your financial security. If you do not have one here are 5 steps for creating an emergency fund.... more
  • Using ETFs to Diversify Your Portfolio
    Diversification of your portfolio will help you capture returns however the market reacts. Learn why Exchange Traded Funds can be an important part of that diversification.... more
  • Buying Your Dream Home in a Hot Housing Market
    Here's your pre-search checklist for taking control of your home-buying process.... more
  • Why Women are Better Investors than Men
    Studies show that Women are better investors than men. Here’s why!... more
  • How to do a Balance Transfer the Right Way
    Make sure you have a plan in place to get out from under high-interest credit card debt. Is a Balance Transfer the right way to go?... more
  • How You Pay for College Determines How You Save for College
    Exploring your options for saving and paying for college is the first step in determining the best solution. It could be a combin... more
  • For Retirement Income, are Capital Gains or IRA Withdrawals Better?
    There may be no clear cut answers but, here are some basic guidelines for determining if you should use Capital Gains or IRA withdrawals for your retirement income.... more
  • 6 Crazy Ways To Pay Off Debt That You Probably Haven’t Thought Of
    Here are some helpful tips for paying off debt and helping you to live debt free.... more
  • Should Bitcoin be a part of a Diversified Portfolio?
    Bitcoin’s current trajectory is up but, there is a lot of uncertainty in its future. Here are some reasons for not making it a large portion of your investments.... more